• Your story can be in the form of poetry, short stories, journal, song lyrics, anything that expresses you.

  • Try and keep below 1500 words and include a title that best describes your story.

  • It can be as anonymous or as detailed as you would like it to be so it's entirely your choice if you include your name.

  • Your submission has to be your own work.

  • We accept submissions from all over the world.

  • We cannot publish the promotion of commercial products, events or businesses.

  • All our submissions are reviewed by our editor before being submitted onto the website, and we will try our best to feature every story we receive.

  • By submitting your story you agree to the publishing of your submission on to our website.

  • This is a voluntary writing space and therefore we are unable to pay for submissions.

  • As much as we want to encourage you to openly talk about your story, we want to avoid publishing descriptions that may contain sensitive and triggering content. We want you to share your story in a way that is safe for readers.

  • If you are struggling at any point, please refer to our Feeling Suicidal? page, which gives you information on keeping yourself safe.

If you have any queries, are submitting artwork or would prefer to email your submission, you can send it over to

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