"Nobody Is Perfect"

How do you tell those close to you what's actually going on inside your head? How do you tell them that your thoughts are all scrambled and whirling around like a tornado inside your mind? That your thoughts are always negative, and in fact you can't remember the last time you had a positive one?

But even if you did tell them, explain to them, spell everything out as if you were talking to a child, would they actually understand? Even so, would they even care?

People seem so wrapped up in their own lives they sometimes forget about mine. They don't see that there's anything wrong. And if they do, they dismiss it anyway. Because they're the kind of people who don't like negative, and anything negative they can't see. Refuse to see. Don't want to see. Because everything to them has to be perfect.

But I'm not perfect. They're not perfect. Nobody is perfect.

I just wish they would see that.

Anonymous, United Kingdom

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